Burned, Barren, Bloodstained

by Enragement

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released June 9, 2017



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Enragement Finland

From Helsinki,

Enragement's music combines various subgenres of death metal and other genres of extreme metal into a neckbreaking unity of brutality.

A 4-piece act of drums, guitars, and bass, with all string-players sharing vocal duties equally to make flesh their unique visions of malice and perversion.
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Track Name: River of Corpses
The waters beckon me…

The vastest river, of putrid depravity
Disease-ridden and filthy
Like a mirror to my soul

I never once imagined that your waters could be filled
But we, who bred with promise, found so soon what fate had willed
O’ Nation of Great India, who untold billions breeds
And drink this filth; this river filled, the multitudes would drown in

A pestilence filled the
Corpses, piling, dam the
I feel an urge, the darkest
To dive into the


The corpse-fumes fill my head…
As nature demonstrates the disgrace of a billion rotting dead!

As I descend into the depths I inhale your rotting souls
This filth, this rot, disgust me not, my hunger only grows
Slowly crushing under the pressure of a thousand corpses piled
I rend, I claw, I gorge the dead in Ecstasy Defiled

Feel the hunger of the

No air, the waters and flesh fill my lungs
In my veins, the rotting blood runs

The waters took me…
Track Name: Dead Flesh Treasury
Human head trophies
Decorate the walls
See them by hundreds
Walking down my halls

This one I hunted
That one I bought
His skin serves
As a tablecloth

Stuffed carcasses of men
All across my domain
Some mummified, some still fresh
Museum of
dead flesh!

Collector of
Human agony
I fill my treasury
With eyes, scalps and teeth

Death among men
I am called
I will not stop until
Mankind falls

Furniture made of bone
Human leather carpets
Curtains made of faces
Showcase ribcages

I feed my pigs
The guts of a king

Entrails are a delicacy
Their meat I tenderize
Dine from their severed hands
With a skullful of bile

Bottled blood of fine vintage
New batch still draining
Upside down like quarry
Vein cut when still breathing

I own live humans too
Caged and miserable

Cannibalistic starvation
The weak ones get eaten first

The cell floor fills with decay
Vermin gnaw on their dead bodies

In delight, I watch them writhe
Death wish gleaming in their eyes

In delight, I watch them writhe
Deathwish gleaming in their eyes

I engulf myself
in the remains
of a species

Collector of
Human agony
I fill my treasury
With eyes, scalps and teeth

Death among men
I am called
I will not stop until
Mankind falls
Track Name: Raining Bodyparts
The worst enemy of man is man himself…

It’s a sick world we all live in
The price of life equals fucking nothing

Missile aimed at random victims
Passenger plane collateral to this conflict

Explosion in mid-air
Rivals the sun’s glare
Right off the blast stops the heart
Limbs torn apart

No survivors, no one spared
Completed terrorist solitaire
Flock of the dead fill the sky
The end is nigh

No cover, nowhere to run
Roofs crashing, buildings undone
Force of human bombs

Entrails spread over the ground
Splattered brains, shattered bones found
by a shook-up crowd

Men are wolves to each other…

300 bodies rain down from the sky
600 arms and legs, 300 heads

War sponsored by insane politics
Despot that got stuck in history
Bribing the rebels with weaponry

Raining body parts!

Propaganda to hide the schemes
Nation under a bullshit feed
Cultivating Third World War seeds

Raining body parts!
Raining body parts!
Track Name: Mass of a Thousand Suns
In the depths of the vast infinity
Midst the greatest of galaxies
A deformation of spacetime
Consuming everything
that comes near its presence

Dark space colossus
Among the planetary effigies

Created from destruction
The devourer of radiance
A passage to nowhere
and beyond knowledge

Crushing blackness
Growing endlessly

Dark space colossus
Among the planetary effigies

Created from destruction
The devourer of radiance
A passage to nowhere
and beyond knowledge

Once fallen into the void
Shall be forever gone
No escape is possible
From the event horizon

There's no escape

Dragging towards the pit
Where all paths lead
The gravitational time dilation
Makes it impossible to reach

Stars of enormous mass collapse
When their cycle of life is done
Forming into black holes
With the mass of a thousand suns

The mass of a thousand suns!

The mass of a thousand suns!
Track Name: Divine Catatonia
The stench of cremation mounds
fills the dark charnel grounds
Under the Shiva moon,
the ritual shall begin, in secrecy

Bodies that floated on
the river are being gnawed upon
Bloated flesh consumed with
the excrement of the Aghori

Vessel, a human skull
passes around the ring
preparing for the cull
Alcohol and urine

Sacrifice of beast and men
The ritual butchering can commence
Scorching in the raging flames
the cages of souls disintegrate

Flow of unknown words spat
in near catalepsy
They walk through the flames that
no longer burn their skin

For if there is any benevolence,
then there must be, as well, malevolence
Balance to rule over all existence
Symmetry to determine the moral sense

Breaking the taboos will not
corrupt him who sees beyond
All forgiven by the gods
for fortifying the bond
that conjoins evil and good
Secrets of life understood

As morning devours the night
they travel from darkness into light
In divine madness they
are one with the gods, time fades away

Indulged in misery
Aghori’s flesh and blood
are but transient things,
instruments of the gods

For if there is any benevolence,
then there must be, as well, malevolence
Balance to rule over all existence
Symmetry to determine the moral sense
Track Name: Ashen Unity
Part I

Is the flame of life!

I was asleep ‘til I saw you
With hair as bright as flame
The first breath I ever felt
Your faded innocence

Heat is rising
Pulse is rising
Full moon crying on gardens of death
I’m rising
And smiling
Frozen stiff and coming alive

The scent of fresh desire
Honest hearts ablaze
Cold breath covers the night
Heartfelt touch by candlelight
We came as lovers to roam the scented ruins
Of a childhood reborn

Phoenix rising
Lost child rising
Full moon smiling on gardens of death
The magic of our unity
Will save me from my sanity
The most honest part of me
I must unite with thee
Erotic, pyrotic
The acrid scent of my true love

When they brought you here
In your true cradle
I knew it was meant to be

In the darkness we come abloom
Black and fertile
Winds bear the seed

And in this ashen unity
Of a man once dead inside
And a child no more alive
The night lights up with the flames
Of lovers intertwined
The beauty, innocence
The disgusting
United in the sky

Part II

The flame… The flame… The flame… The flame…
The flame… The flame… The flame… The flame…

Can you feel my throbbing ecstasy?
You are like paper to my touch
The climax pulsing as I feel my parts unite
With you upon the winds of lust

And I feel myself fading
Waiting to succumb to the fire
Sight is the heat of senses
How much can I love our ascent?

We see the flame
We feel the flame
We are the flame
Gone is the flame
Track Name: As the Acid Burns
You proposed, she rejected
Your disgrace inflicted
Vengeance upon the one
you claimed to love

Sadistic human garbage
Your sick mind so morbid
Torment upon the one
You claimed to want

But she already knew
Your kind is nothing new
You demand servitude
And expect gratitude

Ensnared when least expected
Asleep, not protected
Waking into a nightmare
Forged of despair

A scorching sensation
Facial liquidation
The acid agonizes
As the skin vaporizes

The cheekbones dissolve
The eyes liquefy
Flesh melts away

No more involved
Forever scarified
Her face a dismay

Brutalized, paralyzed
Her face, vandalized
Stigmatized, ostracized
Her life, tyrannized

In your mirror, a horror far worse
Than her visage, your image, so perverse
On the outside, the disguise of a man
But the inside, personified travesty of a human

You sick fucker smile
You sick bastard laugh
As the acid burns…
As the acid burns through her face
Track Name: To Become Earth
Every living being
Obeys the natures law
To die and decompose
To become earth once more

Algor mortis fades
My corpse is cold and stiff
Cells self-destruct
The autolysis begins

Scavengers have gathered
To feast on my remains
Insects lay their eggs
For me to incubate

I putrefy!

Bloated appearance displays my cadaver
Putrid fumes fill the air

A pool of liquefied abdomen
The skull shows almost bare

Where my brains used to reside
Replaced with bacterial slime

Rot and pus nourish the fungi
Maggots hatch and start to thrive

Fluids purging from me infect the soil
Everything around me begins to spoil

And turn foul!

Only bones are left to show
I was from this world
Finally, I have gone the circle
And returned to nature

I have been set free
Of my earthly burdens
I have degraded
Into the simplest matter

I have decayed
My soul left in dismay
I have become one
With the earth below

I have become one
With the earth below
Track Name: Blood for the Sun God
The 52-year cycle is at end
The sun has made its last descent
Sacrifices have to be made
Apocalypse further delayed

Bring forth the thousands who are to submit
Have them rise the steps of the pyramid
Towards the top and the blood-stained altar
Show them respect, worship these avatars

By the altar the priests await
wearing the skins of the ones who were flayed
Dancing in trance and singing hymns
Gathering blood in bowls filled to the brim

Blood, blood, blood for the sun god

Abdomen cut open
Heart torn out, still beating
Held in air, blood cascading
Like the sun – round, hot, pulsating

Cadaver falls down the temple’s stairs
Spirit ascends to the skies
Messenger sent to the god with prayers
To annul all sin, to purify

Quench your thirst with blood

Below the crowd views the performance
Joining the sacrifice, entering trance
Bleeding to quench the thirst of the god
Cutting their ears, tongues and genitals

Quench your thirst with blood
Quench your thirst with blood

Blood, blood, blood for the sun god

Viscera thrown to animals
The bodies cut to pieces and eaten
Honor to you brave cannibals
Warriors who will never be beaten

Long ago the gods sacrificed for us
The earth, moon and stars are their body parts
By their example we repay our debt
All life can continue only through death
Endless great universe will not collapse
Another 52 years can elapse

The sun rises again
The sun rises again
Track Name: Armed Redeemer
Present caught up with the future
Mankind’s obsession
for self-termination
turns life into science fiction

Bigger, better weapons
Nation’s cock-extensions
Deadly machinations
Destructive automations

Over-ocean import
Hellfire missiles onboard
Unmanned airstrike support
Designed to leave the earth scorched

Robotic bird of prey
Armed redeemer
Prepares to end the game

Rain death from the sky
(Prey dehumanized)

Paid grim reaper
Present but far away
Pulls the trigger
Right behind the display

How does it feel
to watch them die,
scream voiceless cries?

How does it feel
to gun them down?
Can you feel proud?

Who’s the machine?

Knight of the computer table
The man in the loop
A hero or a villain
or somebody in servitude?

Shed no tears, don’t break sweat
Remember you’re compelled
Show no doubt, don’t regret
But you can never forget

Targets on a widescreen
Nothing but a routine
Can collaterals be
avoided or foreseen?

How does it feel?
How does it feel?
Track Name: Smite the Impure
Branded in the very being
For eternity
An oath where death
Is the measurement for worthy
Whisper the creed
In the ear of the newborn
Unleash the hate
Under the crooked swords

Name of a false god
Crushing the infidels
Their only purpose is destruction imminent
Like the bearer of the trident
Raising the flames of hell

Believe and violate
those who do not
Divine warfare
Spill the heretic blood
Smite the impure
with wrathful piety
Everything justified
as an act for the deity

Who you bow down,
they deny
Not a shred of sanity
or peace in their minds
Not a heathen priest left alive
Not a man, woman nor a child
Their god the executioner
They, his guillotine
Stomping symbols into dust
Burning shrines pristine
Only death will redeem

Consuming, conquering
Leading a trail of blood
Praising idiocy
In the name of god

Believe and violate
those who do not
Divine warfare
Spill the heretic blood
Smite the impure
with wrathful piety
Everything justified
as an act for the deity